Neutrale and Pascal pay tribute to Ibiza in their latest collection. The DJ and producer joins us to create the Balearic uniform inspired by the clothing found in the flea markets of the Pitiusas.

This union arises from the common love for the Balearic Islands, music and dolphins.

The collection consists of six t-shirts with a series of prints in the purest souvenir style, including the Chiringuito Pam Pam t-shirt (musical creation studio created by Pascal and Pional). Also pants, two shirts and a jacket that clearly reflect that love for dolphins. All this, along with a cap, tote bag and slippers, which cannot be missing from Pascal's daily uniform.

The collection is presented with a video starring Hank Korsan, a DJ from Los Angeles who represents a young man living the summer in Ibiza. Each day is confused with the previous one and as he enters the island, he loses track of time to the point of trying to run away from himself.

Watch full video here →