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Bring it to our Neutrale offline store in Justiniano 14, 28004 Madrid, or send it to this adress for free.

As a reward for your contribution, you will receive a voucher worth 10% off your next purchase in our store. We will send PYRATEX® your garment, which will be collected at their warehouse located in Madrid.

The cotton recycling process will then be carried out by PYRATEX®’ Spanish partner: a company specialised in recycling textile waste into premium recycled fibers. They have been pioneers of sustainable materials and recycling since 1947.

The recycling process will be mainly mechanical. It starts with a cleaning and classification process, removing buttons, zippers, and classifying the clothing by colour. After this, the items will undergo a shredding process where they are transformed into shorter cotton fibers. These cotton fibers are then prepared to be spun into yarn within the same facility. The fibers will be spun into new PYRATEX® upcycled I yarn.

A new PYRATEX® upcycled textile will be created with this yarn, starting the process all over again.