The sustainability of consuming local is well known, and what’s good for the planet is good for us. We all want thriving spaces rich in encounters and possibility. At Neutrale we strive to be good neighbours: a business that adds to the community. Watch this space for a few recommendations in our area! Think global, act local.


Our friend Santi is the founder of Toma Café, where he roasts his own speciality coffee. His place is a great addition to the neighbourhood, with their commitment to ethically-sourced coffee, artisanal procedures, and community values. If you’re looking for a unique and charming atmosphere in the heart of Madrid where you can try some excellent coffee, Toma Café is the place to go.



La Flor del Pan is a spot in barrio Justicia where you can enjoy some good-old traditional meals. Purely authentic, this place represents the Mediterranean simplicity that we are so in love with. Its our favourite place to eat on weekdays, and we love spending time with the owner, Kike, who will make you feel at home and tell you a story or two about the neighbourhood.


Margarita se llama mi Amor is one of the best-known florists in the city due to their great plant and flower selection. They’re a team of excellent artisans who together breathe life into and care for the marvelous spectacle that is the shop. Step inside and you are transported into a space overflowing with life, where all is green and colorful.Tina Rubio, the shop’s founder, has worked non-stop and poured so much joy into the place to offer one of Madrid’s biggest and best showroom for plants and flowers.



A true inspiration when it comes to active lifestyle, the people at LAB scour the marketplace for the best pieces in comfort, functionality, quality, craft and performance. Their ambition is to unite like-minded people who are after special consumer experiences that can integrate body and soul. Always worth a visit!


Gaudi opened its doors in 1975 and has since then established itself as a go-to library In Madrid. Their collection is specialised in art, so it is a space to look for inspiration, to rediscover lost aesthetics and be shocked by new ones. It can be a pleasure to get lost between its shelves, and the staff is always more than ready to help..