At Neutrale, our aim has always been to offer sustainable and eco-friendly products,  in order to take care of our planet. Today, we find ourselves in a situation in which our planet asks us for extra help: taking care of ourselves and those who take care of us. For this, our only duty is to stay at home.

 As days go by, we have been able to see images of our cities completely desolated showing us that united, we have no limits.

 This is what we want to transmit in Neutrale, unity. The unity of all trying to get ahead and overcome this pandemic together, unity of health teams that work tirelessly, the unity of the armed forces (UME). The unity of the people who are in charge of cleaning, pharmacies, supermarkets, deliveries and all of those who, while we take care of ourselves at home, take care of us while doing their jobs. The unity of neighbors who cheer each night by the window in order to show gratitude. Because together, we have no limits.

We have designed a t-shirt that reflects this concept of unity. For this reason, we will donate 100% of the profits from the sale of this t-shirt to our friends from Save the Children and its special emergency plan for those most in need in their particular fight against COVID-19.

Join us and be part of the solution.