Edu is one of the most high-powered people we have met. Since he can remember, he never stopped working - from building websites to managing a world renowned DJ. Right now, he spends most of his time working on his clothing brand, “Peter’s” and has recently opened one of Barcelona’s coolest new places, “The Sandwich Club”. Feels like a lot of work right? Well, he isn’t worried about it. He is tireless.

It comes as not surprise to find that everyday Edu carries a pendrive full of music in his wallet just in case he finds a chance to DJ at a party. Even though he has repeatedly demonstrated that he is as good as the pros, his effortlessness makes it look like he is just at home playing tunes for his friends.

Define Peter’s in 3 words

Everybody is Peter

Tell us a little about the story of the brand. Was it born from a hangover or was it a meditated project?

We started 3 years ago selling underpants. But I think the brand’s universe was not born until a year and a half ago. The brand is alive. It evolves just as we do. And that's what motivates me the most. What will Peter's be like in three years?

New collection out, what's next at Peter's?

It's all about stories. So a new story.

A very important point that you highlight is sustainability. What would you say to people who believe that caring for the environment is just a fad?

I’d tell them to read. See. Be knowledgeable. Be sensible.

What is a day like at Peter's office? What is your vision about work and its relationship with fun?

We don't have an office :) The more fun, the less feeling of working. 

First action of Peter's if it reaches the Government to stop climate change?

Invest in research and development.

What historical character would invite you to a surf trip?


What is your idea of a perfect day?

A sunny day and a blue sky

Palo santo or candles? What is the best relaxation routine for you?

Candles. Play music at home.

Do you sleep well? Is there anything that makes you sleepy?

I've been sleeping really well lately.

Who is your greatest role model? 

I don't have any in particular. I have many references from very different people. I try to stay with what I like about each of them.

Coolest profile you follow on instagram.

@gooutjpn and @rose_losangeles

If you could choose, what would be your last meal?

Macaroni bolognese and battered chicken cooked by my grandmother.

What item of clothing is the most important to you?


Any podcast recommendations? Let's go a little short...

No Shield Podcast

What book are you reading right now?

Right now none. The last one was "Lysergic Acid Punch" by Tom Wolfe

Would you rather have an adult mind in a child's body, or a child's mind trapped in an adult's body?

The mind of a child, always

Hope you enjoyed, you can follow his adventures at @eddcatalan and @thepetersbrand!