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Andy Criere is not the regular surfer you would expect. He combines life inside competition while traveling around the world, known for his strong impact in social media where he collaborates with brands to make a positive impact on the planet.

Without a doubt, one can see how all these years travelling to remote places and meeting new people everywhere he goes have made him realize how small our everyday problems are and how little we need to find happiness.

We’ve known him for a long time now and we were excited for a little catch-up and to share his thoughts with you! Here we go!


Relationship with nature, especially with the sea.

One of the reasons why I love surfing so much is the contented state that being in the sea makes me feel. I used to be a very nervous person, and I think I still am, but the truth is that thanks to the sea I have now managed to channel my energy. In the sea I find my own peace of mind while expressing myself as an individual when on top of the waves. It could be said that I have found my place in the world thanks to the sea and surfing.

Surf trip anecdote that you will always remember.
When I was 18 years old I had a very enriching experience in Australia.

While traveling around the world, I began to develop this capacity for resilience. Precisely on this trip, upon arrival, it rained so much that a large part of the coastal roads ended up completely flooded. Who would have imagined that this could happen in Australia? Yet so it happened.

So, we had to look for very different itineraries, and thanks to all that I discovered two things: the first, one must be ready to leave preconceived ideas behind, and secondly, enjoying every experience that these new paths gave me helped me reach a certain wave that worked perfectly for me.

Certainly, this was an unforgettable experience, since it shaped my mind space and has helped me so much since then.

How did your love for the sea begin, was it with surfing?
I consider myself lucky to have found surfing at a very specific time in my life.

It all started in summer when I was 11, when many aspects of my life were complicated - I couldn't find my place, I retook that school year and was diagnosed with hyperactivity, intending to start taking medication from that point onwards. And suddenly, as if by magic, my neighbor, who used to be the president of the Hendaye Surf Club, threw me in the water thinking I could be good at it.

I assure you that, to this very day, I still have not come out of the water. I found my passion that day.

What should we improve as a society to help the planet?
That’s a great question, I wouldn't dare to go into details, but I think if we had greater empathy and all felt closer and more united we would improve things a lot. In every way, too. Today, I believe that all the answers are within our reach, and it seems to me that the importance lies in knowing in which direction to look. After all, we are all in the same boat.

What was the scariest moment in the water?
Last summer I had a very intense experience during a surf trip in Mexico.

The sea looked immense, and even though the waves were perfect, you had to be very careful. A great Argentinian big wave surfer had a bad fall, and once I caught sight of it, I looked for him to get him to the surface. All of this with a series of huge waves falling on us. Finally, together with other colleagues, we managed to get Carlos Di Pace out of the water but he, unfortunately, could not continue. That day I felt special fear, as if something was going to happen.

I always have a lot of respect for the sea, no matter what the conditions are, but that day it put me in my place again.

What project are you working that motivates you the most?
Right now, I am working on two very interesting projects related to surfing.

The first one has to do with an audiovisual project that I am finishing and in which I have invested a lot of time and love.

The second is something new for me, but I think it will be of great help to many surfers. Soon I will be able to give you more details about all this!

A life lesson that you have learned in recent times.
I would say focus less on the results and more on the journey. Pay attention to each step and let go a little more. It seems to me that life is already intense enough to add even more ups and downs. So, I want to do things well, but with joy and fluidity. For that, you need to find a balance.

Favorite surf trip destination. Why?
I could say Indonesia, Australia, Brazil... but the truth is I prefer Portugal. It is such an amazing surf destination, with a very strong surf culture, and with all the amazing things the country has to offer.

Morning routine.
A coffee without exception and a sequence of movements that I consider magical to face the day. I am so sure of this that I can share it here with you so that you can do it and feel the benefits: watch video here.

Music for before jumping into the water.
One of Bad Bunny’s songs could be an easy pick!

Reference in the world of surfing? And out of it?
Kanoa Igarashi in the world of surfing, and outside of it, Carlos Sainz.

Most interesting person who follows you on instagram.
This one is hard! The first that comes to mind is Diego González Rivas, a doctor who travels the world with personal surgery methods he has developed, and as if that were not enough, in a way that is less harmful to the patient. He is a great inspiration for me.

An accessory you couldn't live without.
Ugh, obviously I couldn't live without a cell phone and all that but sunglasses and photo protection help me a lot in my day to day, really.

A book you would recommend to a teenager.
The Monk who sold his Ferrari is an essential book for me since I was 20 years old or so.

Guilty pleasure that you would not confess to anyone (except us…)
I have a sweet tooth, I love sugar. Luckily I do so much sport that otherwise I would be lost!

An advice that you have been given and that you continue to take into account today.
Treat people as you would like to be treated yourself.

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