Neutrale is a Madrid-based sustainable brand. We create everyday essentials in clothing, accessories and objects. Our purpose is to design timeless products that live outside the strenuous noise of the destructive fashion wheel. Our Mediterranean aesthetic reminds us to value what we have, to care for what surrounds us, and to surrender to the simplicity of its beauty. Our products are made with organic, natural and recycled materials. We work with the best textile producers: people who share our values and are ready to incorporate the latest innovations and technologies in sustainable production. Neutrale merges style, comfort, quality and sustainability. We hope to spread a message of awareness and with our products contribute to a healthier, cleaner world.




At Neutrale we don’t work with seasonal collections or sales. To us, this is part of the never ending “rat-race” of fashion, which has had a devastating effect on our environment. We are for mindful consumption, delivering long-lasting quality products with a small footprint. We embrace the motto Less, but Better. Using organic cotton, we reduce the consumption of water by 91%, also eliminating the use of chemicals during the production process. Our production stays in Spain and Portugal, thus reducing our transportation impact. We try to stay on the edge of innovation, bringing in new processes and materials that allow us to lead the transition towards a waste-less circular economy. Our packaging is made of recycled paper and our shipping bags are biodegradable. Both can easily be recycled.





We are inspired by the Mediterranean: the hardy and beautiful nature that surrounds it, its long history of pleasure-seeking peoples, its inimitable light. We focus on durability, the idea of making high quality wardrobe essentials that you will always need and will never go out of style in a season or a year. Timeless genderless products to be appropriated into an enormous array of looks. We produce in Portugal for the quality of their factories, tradition, labour law compliance, and range of factories with the latest eco certifications.