At Neutrale we are doing everything we can to make our products the most eco friendly possible to help to promote a more sustainable future life. Using organic cotton, we reduce the consumption of water by 91% also eliminating the use of chemicals during the production process.

All our production is made in Portugal and Spain, reducing our footprint due to the reduced air and sea travel. We are actually working with incredible green factories and we will be using more recycled fabrics in our future products.

We also  focus on durability, the idea of making high quality wardrobe essentials means that they are products that you will always need and that they won't go out of style in a season or a year.

We try to make our packaging the most sustainable, using recycled paper and shipping bags made out of biodegradable materials. Both can be easily recycled!

However we haven't been able to find a replacement for the plastic bags used to stock our products. We are working everyday to find an alternative. The problem here is that there is nothing biodegradable that protects products as much as plastic. And if the product gets ruined, it will be everything but sustainable.