Neutrale is a sustainable brand located in Madrid that worries about the footprint humanity is leaving on the planet. Clothing, accessories and objects. We design products for a functional life, comfortable and timeless to wear. Our products are made with organic, natural and recycled materials that help our planet to be more sustainable. We work with the best textile producers and people who share our same values ready to incorporate the latest and best eco innovations, technologies and sustainable practices. Our designs are inspired by the unique beauty and timeless lifestyle of the Mediterranean and our beautiful planet. Our mission is to look after the world for the upcoming generations, producing high quality, impactful products for everyone and always committed to the environment. We invite you to join the Neutrale world and look after the planet with us.



Neutrale designs do not confine to fashion, we don't work with collections neither apply sales. We want to provide our customers with quality products, that will last a long time and that have a low impact on the planet.  For us, “less, but better” defines perfectly our brand. 

We want to provide high quality, well designed essentials. We work with Sustainable resources. Using organic cotton, we reduce the consumption of water by 91% also eliminating the use of chemicals during the production process. Since all our production is made in Portugal and Spain, we decrease our footprint due to the reduced air and sea travel. We are actually working with incredible green factories and we will be using more recycled fabrics in our future products. 

We try to make our packaging the most sustainable, using recycled paper and shipping bags made out of biodegradable materials. Both can be easily recycled!




We get our inspiration from the mediterranean, our planet, and nature. We  focus on durability, the idea of making high quality wardrobe essentials means that they are products that you will always need and that they won't go out of style in a season or a year. Ageless products without gender produced in Portugal. Why? We chose Portugal for the quality of their factories, tradition, labor law compliance, and range of factories with the latest eco certifications. It was also important for us to partner with factories and people who share our ideas and are ready to incorporate the latest and best eco innovations, technologies and sustainable practices.