The future of fashion for years now we’ve been looking for the best techniques to deliver sustainable long-lasting products and truly be a part of the circular economy.

Today we announce our new capsule collection: Re-Evolve. These products will be made with PYRATEX® fabric, a sustainable material made with GRS certified upcycled cotton! Without sacrificing on the standards of style and comfort that define Neutrale, we take this massive step in positive action. And the circle keeps going.

The Re-Evolve collection will contain a label with an opaque square. Over time and after much use and washing, the label will be rubbed off to reveal a QR code. The code will take you onto a set of simple instructions: allowing you to drop off or send us the used garment for it to be taken to a nearby PYRATEX® facility and upcycled once again. We create a closed-loop system where finally fashion and sustainability aren’t at odds with each other.